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Ez2c Signs is committed to providing safe signage that does not hurt your eyes or confuse motorist in a veil of glare. Signs should be identifiable and readable.

Ez2c signs have many programmable features that make them superior to the competition and able to be customized for the specific conditions of the roadway.  Examples include two programmable luminous zones, programmable flashing, adaptive brightness, on board diagnostic  LED and much more. 

As our population ages and drivers increasingly become impaired or distracted, signs are required which are both conspicuous and easy to read. We encourage direct apples2apples comparison of Ez2c Signs vs. competitive illuminated traffic signs.
  • Ease of recognition or the sign, both it's presence and readability of the legend 
  • Resistance to temperature, humidity and impact environments
  • Internal diagnostics and commonly available parts for ease of maintenance
  • SkyGlow and light pollution into the environment
  • Glare and negative visual impact on drivers or pedestrians