Ez2c Signs Auto Ambient Adjust

Ez2c Signs considers that true Green environmental benefits do not come simply by adding a solar panel, but rather by also insuring efficient use of the energy generated and consumed by the device.

Ez2c Signs utilize a zero waste energy drive to insure efficient use of the solar energy generated. Ez2c Signs zero waste energy drive has the added benefit of reducing the size of the solar panel required.

Ez2c Signs utilize an Auto-Ambient light adjustment system which adjusts the brightness  of the sign to the environment in which it is installed and operates.

·        Ez2c Signs automatically come on at dusk or during dark conditions such as serious storms.

·        Ez2c Signs automatically dim as the environment darkens to reduce energy consumption and glare, thereby adjusting to optimal operating conditions.

·        Ez2c Signs automatically increase in brightness as the environment lightens to maintain safety and conspicuity.

·        Ez2c Signs automatically power down at dawn.

·        Ez2c Signs provides an override mode to enable the sign to operate 24/7


The video below is a time-lapsed film of the auto ambient feature.

Ez2c Signs Auto-Ambient Adjust