Ez2c Signs General Luminous Sign Specifications

Specifications change by model and based on features requested
Specification are subject to change

MUTCD Compliant

• MUTCD section 2A.07 and 2A.08 

Optical and Retro-Reflective

Instant sign AND message recognition
• 80 through 240 lm typical 
• Luminous Border AND STOP legend
   enable instant recognition and readability
• Non-Glare sign for true roadway safety
• Uniform and Diffuse internal illumination
• Similar look day/night = instant recognition

3M 4092T or ORALITE® Series 5900 
   High Intensity White Prismatic Reflective 
   Film exceeds minimum requirements of 
   DIN 67520:2008-11 (RA2; design C) and 
   ASTM D4956-11a (Type IV)

Electrical Specifications

• Common voltages and components
• Solar panel and battery power <or>
• 120 VAC / 24VDC power supply (optional)
• Battery available for VAC input (optional)
• GREEN energy efficient Zero-waste LED drive
• Straight forward sign operation
• Programmable Constant-On or MUTCD
  compliant 1 sec on/off for S T O P or  Border

Auto-Ambient Adjust Specifications

• Dusk to dawn automatic operation
   - Sign powers on at dusk
   - Sign powers down at dawn
• GREEN Adaptive brightness 
   - Automatic level adjust
   - Averaged over 3 minutes
   - Sign dims with darker ambient 
   - Sign brightens with lighter ambient
• Sign may power up during storms & fog

GREEN Off-Grid Solar Specifications

• Solar Panel - 30W panel Southern USA
• Solar Panel - 50W panel Northern USA
• Mounting bracket provides 360 degree rotation 
   and 2nd axis adjustment to fully orient panel. 
• Battery - 12 VDC 22 AH deep discharge high 
cycle maintenance free DC battery
• Up to 14 days of operation without recharge, 
   duration is based on flashing pattern selected
• Automatic power savings mode engages during 
   extended operation in absence of sun
• NEMA 4X enclosures and fittings for battery and
   internal electronic components
• 10 year warranty on Solar Panel
• 12 month warranty on Battery

Programming & Operational Specifications

• Programmable switch settings
  S1 - Sign brightness setting - Hi / Med / Low
       - In urban install high brightness is desired
       - In dark rural install low brightness may be 
         desired to reduce glare and light intrusion 
  P1 - Push button cycles through light patterns
       - STOP constant On / Border flashing
       - STOP constant On / Border constant On 
       - STOP flashing      / Border flashing
       - STOP flashing      / Border off
       - STOP flash max-bright/ Border flash max-bright
  S2 - STOP / Border ratio- Hi / Med / Low
       - Sets brightness of STOP legend vs. border
  S3 - Sign Sleep / RUN / Installation 
       - Lower setting used to transport sign (sleep)
       - Mid setting is RUN mode 
       - Upper setting is Installation mode

On-Board Diagnostic Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

• Sign body constructed of aluminum provides
   environmental protection to components
• Weight:  
   - Solar panel with bracket ~ 8.5 lbs
   - AC powered sign weight ~ 35 lbs
   - Solar sign/system weight ~ 60 lbs total 
• NEMA rated enclosures and connectors
• Impact resistant design protects LED’s
• Tamper resistant hardware and construction
• Designed for -20 to 120 temperature range
• Designed for 0% to 100% humidity
• Fitted with water vapor proof vents to minimize
   moisture incursion yet allow airflow for 
   temperature regulation
• Desiccants and absorbing materials in the 
   enclosures and in the sign body assist in
   reducing the effects of humidity
• 2 year warranty on Ez2c Signs, assemblies, 
  electronics, workmanship, parts and labor

Mounting Specifications

• Design accommodates industry standard posts 
with 3/8" mounting hardware and 30” spacing
  - 2” Square tube sign post
  - 2 1/4 ” Square tube sign post
  - 4” Square tube sign post
  - 3” Round tube sign post (add. hardware req.)
  - 6” Square wood post 5/8” bolt (Special order)
  - Z Bar mounting                    (Special order)
• Solar panel and post mounted on sign rear 
• Alternate Solar post and battery mounting
   are available by special order
• Drilling into sign or other mounting
    that damages the sign voids warranty

Other Specifications

• Minimal light intrusion & light pollution