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Regulatory Signs

R1-5b Stop Here for Pedestrians (Left)

Stop Here for Pedestrians (Right)

R1-5c Stop Here for Pedestrians (Left)

Stop Here for Pedestrians (Right)

R1-6b see School Signs

R1-6c see School Signs

R1-7 see Temporary Traffic Control Signs

R1-8 see Temporary Traffic Control Signs

R1-9 Overhead Pedestrian Crossing (Yield)

R1-9a Overhead Pedestrian Crossing (Stop)

R1-10P Except Right Turn (plaque)

R2-1 Speed Limit

R2-5P Unless Otherwise Posted (plaque)

R2-5aP Citywide (plaque)

R2-5bP Neighborhood (plaque)

R2-5cP Residential (plaque)

R2-6P Fines Higher (plaque)

R2-6aP Fines Double (plaque)

R2-6bP Fine (plaque)

R2-10 Begin Higher Fines Zone

R2-11 End Higher Fines Zone

R2-12 see Temporary Traffic Control Signs

R3-8 Series Advance Circular Intersection Lane Control

R3-9cP Begin (plaque)

R3-9dP End (plaque)

R3-11P Motorcycles Allowed (plaque)

R3-12 HOV Lane Ahead (post-mounted)

R3-12a HOV Lane Ends (post-mounted)

R3-12b HOV Lane Ends Advance (post-mounted)

R3-12c HOV Restriction Ends (post-mounted)

R3-12d HOV Restriction Ends Advance (post-mounted)

R3-12e HOV Lane Advance (post-mounted)

R3-12f Preferential Lane Ahead (post-mounted)

R3-12g Preferential Lane Ends (post-mounted)

R3-12h Preferential Lane Ends Advance (post-mounted)

R3-14b HOV Lane Full-Time Operation (overhead)

R3-14c Preferential Lane Periods of Operation (overhead)

R3-15 HOV Lane Ahead (overhead)

R3-15a HOV Lane Advance (overhead)

R3-15b HOV Lane Ends (overhead)

R3-15c HOV Restriction Ends (overhead)

R3-15d Preferential Lane Ahead (overhead)

R3-15e Preferential Lane Ends (overhead)

R3-20 Begin Right (Left) Turn Lane

R3-23 All Turns From Right Lane

R3-23a U Turn From Right Lane

R3-24 All Turns Directional

R3-24a U and Left Turns Directional

R3-24b U Turn Directional

R3-25 All Turns Directional

R3-25a U and Left Turns Directional

R3-25b U Turn Directional

R3-26 U and Left Turns Directional

R3-26a U Turn Directional

R3-27 No Straight Through

R3-28 Toll Rate

R3-29P Pay Toll (plaque)

R3-30P Take Ticket (plaque)

R3-33 Right Lane Must Exit

R3-40 Priced Managed Lane Vehicle Occupancy

R3-42 Priced Managed Lane Ends

R3-42a Priced Managed Lane Ends Advance

R3-42b Priced Managed Lane Restriction Ends

R3-42c Priced ... Restriction Ends Advance

R3-43 Priced ... Vehicle Occupancy Definition

R3-44 Priced ... Lane Periods of Operation

R3-44a Priced ... Lane Periods of Operation

R3-45 Priced Managed Lane Ends (overhead)

R3-45a Priced ... Lane Restriction Ends

R3-48 Priced Managed Lane Toll Rate

R3-48a Priced Managed Lane Toll Rate

R4-7c Narrow Keep Right

R4-11 Bicycle May Use Full Lane

R4-12 Slow Vehicles Must Use Turn-Out

R4-13 Slow Vehicles Must Use Turn-Out Ahead

R4-14 Slow Vehicles Must Turn Out

R4-16 Keep Right Except to Pass

R4-17 Do Not Drive on Shoulder

R4-18 Do Not Pass on Shoulder

R5-4 No Commercial Vehicles

R5-5 No Vehicles with Lugs

R5-7 No Non-Motorized Traffic

R5-8 No Motor-Driven Cycles

R5-10a No Pedestrians, Bicycles, Cycles

R5-10b No Pedestrians or Bicycles

R5-10c No Pedestrians

R5-11 Authorized Vehicles Only

R6-4 Roundabout Directional (2 chevrons)

R6-4a Roundabout Directional (3 chevrons)

R6-4b Roundabout Directional (4 chevrons)

R6-5P Roundabout Circulation (plaque)

R6-6 Begin One Way

R6-7 End One Way

R7-20 Parking Fee Station

R7-21 Pay Parking (Time Limit)

R7-21a Pay Parking (Time Limit)

R7-22 Pay Parking

R7-23 Parking (Part-Time)

R7-23a Parking (Time Limit, Part-Time)

R8-3bP Except Sunday and Holidays (plaque)

R8-3eP On Tracks (plaque)

R8-3fP Except on Shoulder (plaque)

R8-3gP Loading Zone (plaque)

R8-3hP Time of Day (plaque)

R8-10a Stop Here When Flashing

R9-13 No Skaters

R9-14 No Equestrians

R10-1 Cross Only On Green

R10-3 Push Button for Walk

R10-3a Push Button to Cross Street - Wait for Walk

R10-3b Push Button Educational

R10-3c Push Button Educational

R10-3d Push Button Educational (2-Stage Crossing)

R10-3e Push Button Countdown Educational

R10-3f Push Button Educational - Street Name

R10-3g Push Button Educational - Street Name

R10-3h Push Button Educational - Street Name (2)

R10-3i Push Button Countdown Educational

R10-4 Push Button for Green

R10-4a Push Button - Wait for Green

R10-11c No Turn on Red Except From Right Lane

R10-11d No Turn on Red From This Lane

R10-14 Emergency Signal - Stop on Flashing Red

R10-14a Emergency Signal - Stop on Flashing Red

R10-14b Stop Here on Flashing Red

R10-15 Turning Vehicles Yield to Pedestrians

R10-18 Traffic Laws Photo Enforced

R10-19P Photo Enforced (plaque)

R10-20aP Day(s) and Times (plaque)

R10-23 Crosswalk - Stop on Red

R10-24 Bicyclist Push Button for Green Light

R10-25 Push Button to Turn On Warning Lights

R10-26 Bicyclist Push Button for Green Light

R10-27 Left Turn Yield on Flashing Red Arrow

R10-28 XX Vehicles Per Green

R10-29 XX Vehicles Per Green Each Lane

R10-30 Right Turn on Red Must Yield to U-Turn

R10-31P At Signal (plaque)

R10-32P Push Button - Extra Crossing Time

R13-1 Weigh Station

R15-1 Crossbuck

R15-2P Number of Tracks (plaque)

R15-3P Exempt (plaque)

R16-4 Move Disabled Vehicles From Travel Lanes

R16-5 Lights On When Using Wipers

R16-6 Lights On When Raining

R16-7 Turn On Headlights Next XX Miles

R16-8 Turn On Headlights

R16-9 Check Headlights

R16-10 Begin Daytime Headlight Section

R16-11 End Daytime Headlight Section

Warning Signs and Object Markers

W1-6 Large Arrow (One-Direction)

W1-7 Large Arrow (Two-Direction)

W1-10a Combination Horizontal Alignment (Curve)/Cross Road

W1-10b Combination Horizontal Alignment (Curve)/Fork

W1-10c Combination Horizontal Alignment (Curve)/Skewed Side Road

W1-10d Combination Horizontal Alignment (Reverse Curve)/Side Road

W1-10e Combination Horizontal Alignment (Reverse Curve)/Cross Road

W3-6 Draw Bridge

W3-7 Ramp Meter Ahead

W3-8 Ramp Metered When Flashing

W4-3 Added Lane

W4-4aP Traffic From Left (Right) Does Not Stop

W4-4bP Oncoming Traffic Does Not Stop

W4-5P No Merge Area (plaque)

W5-2 Narrow Bridge

W5-4a Path Narrows

W7-3P Grade (plaque)

W7-3aP Next XX Miles (plaque)

W8-3 Pavement Ends

W8-4 Soft Shoulder

W8-5 Slippery When Wet

W8-5P When Wet (plaque)

W8-5aP Ice (plaque)

W8-5bP Steel Deck (plaque)

W8-5cP Excess Oil (plaque)

W8-10 Bicycle Surface Condition

W8-10P Slippery When Wet (plaque)

W8-12 No Center Line

W8-13 Bridge Ices Before Road

W8-14 Fallen Rocks

W8-15 Grooved Pavement

W8-15P Motorcycle (plaque)

W8-16 Metal Bridge Deck

W8-17 Shoulder Drop-Off

W8-17P Shoulder Drop-Off (plaque)

W8-18 Road May Flood

W8-19 Flood Gauge

W8-21 Gusty Winds Area

W8-22 Fog Area

W8-23 No Shoulder

W8-24 see Temporary Traffic Control Signs

W8-25 Shoulder Ends

W9-6 Pay Toll Advance

W9-6P Pay Toll Advance (plaque)

W9-6a Stop Ahead Pay Toll

W9-6aP Stop Ahead Pay Toll (plaque)

W9-7 Right (Left) Lane Exit Only Ahead

W10-5P Low Ground Clearance (plaque)

W10-7 Light Rail Activated Blank-Out Symbol

W10-9 No Train Horn

W10-9P No Train Horn (plaque)

W10-11a Storage Space

W10-11b Storage Space Behind

W10-13P No Gates or Lights (plaque)

W10-14P Next Crossing (plaque)

W10-14aP Use Next Crossing (plaque)

W10-15P Rough Crossing (plaque)

W11-6 Snowmobile

W11-15 Combination Bike and Pedestrian Crossing

W11-15P Trail Crossing (plaque)

W11-15a Trail Crossing

W11-16 Large Animal - Bear

W11-17 Large Animal - Sheep

W11-18 Large Animal - Bighorn Sheep

W11-19 Large Animal - Donkey

W11-20 Large Animal - Elk

W11-21 Large Animal - Moose

W11-22 Large Animal - Wild Horse

W13-6 Combo Horo Alignment/ Advisory Exit Speed

W13-7 Combo Hor Alignment/ Advisory Ramp Speed

W14-1 Dead End

W14-1a Dead End (directional)

W14-2 No Outlet

W14-2a No Outlet (directional)

W16-2aP Distance - Feet - (1-line plaque)

W16-4P Next XX Feet (plaque)

W16-9P Ahead (plaque)

W16-10P Photo Enforced (plaque)

W17-1 Speed Hump

W19-1 Freeway Ends Advance

W19-2 Expressway Ends Advance

W19-3 Freeway Ends

W19-4 Expressway Ends

W19-5 All Traffic Must Exit

W23-2 New Traffic Pattern Ahead

Guide Signs

D1-1 Destination (1 line)

D1-1a Destination and Distance (1 line)

D1-1b Bicycle Destination (1 line)

D1-1c Bicycle Destination and Distance (1 line)

D1-1d Circular Intersection Exit Direction

D1-1e Circular Intersection Exit Direction

D1-2 Destination (2 lines)

D1-2a Destination and Distance (2 lines)

D1-2b Bicycle Destination (2 lines)

D1-2c Bicycle Destination and Distance (2 lines)

D1-2d Circular Intersection Destination (2 lines)

D1-3 Destination (3 lines)

D1-3a Destination and Distance (3 lines)

D1-3b Bicycle Destination (3 lines)

D1-3c Bicycle Destination and Distance (3 lines)

D1-3d Circular Intersection Destination (3 lines)

D1-5 Circular Intersection Diagrammatic

D2-1 Distance (1 line)

D2-2 Distance (2 lines)

D2-3 Distance (3 lines)

D3-1 Street Name (1 line)

Street Name (1 line, Alternate Color Arrangement)

Street Name (2 lines)

D3-1a Street Name with Route Sign

D3-2 Advance Street Name (2 lines)

Advance Street Name (3 lines)

Advance Street Name (4 lines)

D4-2 Park - Ride

D5-1 Rest Area Advance

D5-1a Rest Area Next Right

D5-2 Rest Area Exit Direction

D5-2a Rest Area Gore

D5-5 Rest Area Directional

D5-6 Next Rest Area

D5-7 Rest Area Tourist Info Center Advance

D5-8 Rest Area Tourist Info Center Exit Direction

D5-11 Rest Area Tourist Info Center Next Right

D5-12 Interstate Oasis

D5-12P Interstate Oasis (plaque)

D5-13 Brake Check Area Advance

D5-14 Brake Check Area Directional

D5-15 Chain-Up Area Advance

D5-16 Chain-Up Area Directional

D9-6P Van Accessible (plaque)

D9-10 Tourist Information

D9-11b Electric Vehicle Charging

D9-11bP Electric Vehicle Charging (plaque)

D9-11c Alternative Fuel - Ethanol

D9-13aP Hospital (plaque)

D9-13bP Ambulance Station (plaque)

D9-13cP Emergency Medical Care (plaque)

D9-13dP Trauma Center (plaque)

D9-14 Police

D9-16 Truck Parking

D9-17P Next Services (plaque)

D9-20 Pharmacy

D9-20aP 24-Hour (plaque)

D9-21 Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

D9-22 Wireless Internet

D11-1a Bicycle Guide

D11-1bP Bike Route (plaque)

D11-1c Bike Route (Destination)

D11-2 Pedestrian Guide

D11-3 Skaters Guide

D11-4 Equestrians Guide

D12-2 Carpool Information

D12-4 Emergency Call 911

D12-5 Travel Info Call 511 (pictograph)

D12-5a Travel Info Call 511

D13-3a Freeway Entrance Direction

D15-1 Combination Lane Use / Destination

D17-1 Next Truck Lane

D17-2 Truck Lane Advance

D17-7 Slow Vehicle Turn-Out Advance

E1-5P Exit Number (plaque)

E1-5aP Left (plaque)

E1-5bP Left Exit Number (plaque)

E2-1P Next Exit (1-line plaque)

E2-1aP Next Exit (2-line plaque)

E5-1 Exit Gore

E5-1a Exit Gore - Number

E5-1bP Exit Gore - Number (plaque)

E5-1c Narrow Exit Gore

E6-2 Pull-Through

E6-2a Pull-Through

E8-1 Preferential Lane Entrance Gore

E8-1a Preferential Lane Intermediate Entrance Gore

E8-2 Preferential Lane Entrance Direction

E8-2a Preferential Lane Entrance Direction

E8-3 Preferential Lane Entrance Advance

E8-4 Preferential Lane Direct Exit Gore

E8-5 Preferential Lane Intermediate Egress Direction

E8-6 Preferential Lane Intermediate Egress Advance

E11-1 Exit Only (down arrow)

E11-1a Exit

E11-1b Only

E11-1c Exit Only

E11-1d Exit Only (Exit Direction)

E11-1e Exit Only (Exit Direction)

E11-1f Exit Only (2 down arrows)

E11-2 Left

E13-1P Exit Gore Advisory Speed (plaque)

E13-2 Exit Direction Advisory Speed

I1-1 Signals Set for XX MPH

I-9 Vehicle Ferry Terminal

I-13 Grade Crossing Emergency Notification

M1-6 County Route Sign

M3-1 Cardinal Direction - NORTH

M3-2 Cardinal Direction - EAST

M3-3 Cardinal Direction - SOUTH

M3-4 Cardinal Direction - WEST

M4-8 see Temporary Traffic Control Signs

M4-14 Begin

M4-15 Toll

M4-16 No Cash

M4-17 Toll Collector Symbol

M4-18 Exact Change Symbol

M4-20 Electronic Toll Collection Account Only

M5-1 Advance Turn Arrow Auxiliary

M5-2 Advance Turn Arrow Auxiliary

M5-3 Advance Turn Arrow Auxiliary - Circular Inter

M5-4 Lane Designation Auxiliary - Left Lane

M5-5 Lane Designation Auxiliary - Center Lane

M5-6 Lane Designation Auxiliary - Right Lane

M6-1 Directional Arrow Auxiliary

M6-2 Directional Arrow Auxiliary

M6-2a Directional Arrow Auxiliary

M6-3 Directional Arrow Auxiliary

M6-4 Directional Arrow Auxiliary

M6-5 Directional Arrow Auxiliary

M6-6 Directional Arrow Auxiliary

M6-7 Directional Arrow Auxiliary

EM-1 Evacuation Route

EM-1a Evacuation Route (Tsunami)

Temporary Traffic Control Signs

R1-7 Wait on Stop

R1-8 Go on Slow

R2-12 End Work Zone Speed Limit

W8-24 Steel Plate Ahead

W20-2 Detour Advance

W20-3 Road Closed Advance

W20-4 One-Lane Road Advance

W20-5 Lane Closed Advance

W20-5a Lanes Closed Advance

W20-7 Flagger

W20-7a Flagger

W20-8 Stop-Slow Paddle

W21-1 Workers

W21-1a Workers

W21-4 Slow Moving Vehicle

W21-8 Mowing Ahead

W22-1 Blasting Zone Ahead

W22-3 End Blasting Zone

W24-1cP All Lanes (plaque)

G20-5aP Work Zone (plaque)

M4-8 Detour

School Signs

S3-1 School Bus Stop Ahead

S3-2 School Bus Turn Ahead

S4-7P All Year (plaque)

S5-3 End School Speed Limit

R1-6b In-Street School Crossing (Yield)

R1-6c In-Street School Crossing (Stop)