Ez2c Products

Ez2c Signs offers a complete line of Advanced Luminous Traffic Signs including

  • Programmable Luminous STOP Signs
  • Programmable Luminous Flashing Chevron Signs
  • Any Luminous; warning, regulatory, temporary traffic, rail road and other traffic sign.
  • Luminous Street name Signs
Ez2c rugged luminous signs are designed to provide superior performance while operating in challenging exterior environments. Ez2c Signs' proprietary technology which delivers a small sign profile, reduced power demand and internal illumination that is more uniform, diffuse and higher contrast; delivering superior endurance, visibility, recognition and safety.

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What makes Ez2c Signs unique
  • MUTCD Complaint
  • Luminous border & legend is more visible in inclement weather
  • Non-Glare sign for true roadway safety
  • Uniform and Diffuse internal illumination
  • Similar look day/night = instant recognition
  • On-board diagnostics reduces maintenance time and cost
Explore our product pages to learn how Ez2c Signs can reduce accidents, fatalities and infrastructure damage, expecially for the elderly, impaired and motorist driving in inclement weather conditions.

Recommendations in evaluating your product need:
1. Insure your signs are MUTCD compliant
2. Insure your community can see sign and read the legend
3. Insure your signs do not glare or obstruct drivers
4. Insure your signs can withstand impact from snow plows and debris
5. Consider tamper resistant mounting systems

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