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Ez2c Signs R1-1 Stop Sign

Stop signs provide a critical function for motorist and pedestrian in urban and rural settings. Motorist not adhering to a stop because they did not notice it's presence due to impairment, age, distraction or inclement weather can create a dangerous and potentially fatal situation. 

Ez2c Stop Signs are designed for critical urban and rural locations where sign conspicuity is critical. These locations can include highly traffics locations, proximity to children, elderly, commercial zones, transportation hubs, walking paths, cyclist, darker rural roadways and highly trafficked intersections. 

Ez2c Signs believes it is critical to illuminate the Octagon shape AND S T O P legend in order to reduce recognition time and improve human response. Additionally Ez2c Signs believes that conspicuous signs mut provide visibility without glare as glare creates a potentially dangerous situation for all motorist but especially for the elderly, impaired and the 1,000,000 individuals annually whom have laser vision correction surgery for the treatment of cataracts, glaucoma or general vision improvement.